Prakash P. Shenoy
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, School of Business, University of Kansas



  • Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge-Based Systems/Bayes Nets/Valuation-Based Systems
  • Decision Analysis/Influence Diagrams
  • Game Theory



  • Ph.D., Yi Tan, 2020, "New Probabilistic Techniques for Classification Problems and an Application"
  • Ph. D., Sumanta Singha, 2018, "Three Essays on Feature and Model Selection for Classification and Regression Problems"
  • Ph.D., Esma Nur Cinicioglu, 2008, "On Solving Stochastic PERT Networks and Using RFIDs for Operations Management"
  • Ph.D., Mohammad M. Rahman, 2006, "Essays Analyzing Blogs and Wikipedia"
  • Ph.D., Barry R. Cobb, 2005, "Inference and Decision Making in Hybrid Probabilistic Graphical Models"
  • Ph.D., Saverio M. Manago, 2005, "Knowledge-Based Bayesian Networks for Discriminant Analysis"
  • Ph.D., Phan H. Giang, 2003, "A Decision Theory for Non-Probabilistic Uncertainty and Its Applications"
  • Ph.D., Sucheta S. Nadkarni, 2000, "Industry Clockspeed and Evolution of Cognitive Frames" (co-advisor with V. K. Narayanan)
  • Ph.D., Diane Lander, 1997, "Modeling and Valuing Real Options: An Influence Diagram Approach" (co-advisor with George Pinches)
  • Ph.D., Liping Liu, 1995, "A Theory of Coarse Utility and Its Application to Portfolio Analysis"
  • Ph.D., Ali Jenzarli, 1995, "Modeling Dependence in Project Management" (co-advisor with Glenn Shafer)
  • Ph.D., Khaled Mellouli, 1987, "On the Propagation of Beliefs in Networks using the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence" (co-advisor with Glenn Shafer)
  • M.S., John G. McManus, 1986, "A Line Search Method and Other Modifications for Improving the Efficiency of the Nonlinear Simplex Method"

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